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All of our products are grown to the highest possible standards, incorporating certified organic and/or non-GMO feed where necessary, all with access to free range pasture and wild forage. To further ensure quality and safety, we do not use any antibiotics, steroids, hormones, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or GMO products in growing our livestock. We are currently under application for full certified organic status, and are considered transitional until that time. We do use all organic principles of care and feed.

We are a small, family run farm using diversified & sustainable permanent agriculture principles, and we are therefore able to care for each animal individually, making sure they enjoy happy, relaxed and healthy lives. No factory farming around here!

SNACK TIME ALWAYSThese tender young lambs have free range on the farm, from pasture to forested areas. They are kept inside every night, and primarily eat only grass and wild forage. They are exceptionally healthy and well muscled, and have no antibiotics, hormones, steroids or GMO in their diets. Each one is known as an individual and they are very well cared for in all ways, living happy and relaxed lives.

Pork – Heritage Tamworth-Big Black Cross
Truly a specialty item, our pork runs free in 5 acres of pasture, woodland and pond. 20150909_164029Their diet consists of natural grazing on roots, shrubs and grasses, as well as apples, veggies and healthy certified organic and/or non GMO grains. No antibiotics, hormones or steroids. These pigs live a fantastic, free & fun life!

Our free range beef cattle are allowed choice grazing in pasture and forest, sometimes testing our patience by visiting neighbouring farms! No antibiotics, hormones or steroids used as growth stimulants. cowPrimarily grass and hay fed, all nutritional needs are certified organic and/or GMO free without the use of pesticides or herbicides, with full access to unchlorinated spring water. Our cattle are raised and handled in accordance with humane livestock care principles, and yes, they all have names! No feedlots here!


Our goats are the pranksters of the barn, and basically do as they please. They eat
everything in sight, and carefully watch all the other animals to make sure they aren’t missing treats. They wander far into the bush, and often into our neighbour’s garden, munching down beautiful flowers and cherished vegetables without a care! Chevon (young goat) Jamaican stew or curry is amazing, and a slow cooked roast melts in your mouth.

chicks chicks2Pasture raised on fresh green grass daily using moveable chicken pens, only certified organic feed, grass and bugs. No antibiotics, hormones, steroids or GMO.

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